Sunday, March 30, 2008


My favorite transformation right now is the one that happens when I pick up a pillowcase and a pair of scissors. Here is a link to the tutorial I learned from.

Saturday I scored a twenty-five cent pillowcase from the thrift store, green and white stripes with an olive-green hem. I couldn't help it---the woodpecker is taking a break and the pillowcase is beoming a tote bag RIGHT AWAY. This is like magic, yanno? You start off with something utterly flat and end up with a square bottom!!

I have it mostly finished; my last challenge is to do the decorating I have in mind without losing my mind, lol. There are four pieces of the hem left and I wish to use them to cover the strap ends after I secure the straps. Folding teensy-tiny hems and stitching them down is quite the challenge beause the fabric is layered and bulky; I may have to do the finishing by hand to get the look I want.

I've also done the first tote bag of a set that is red, blue, and green stripes with matching paisley straps and borders. The original tutorial calls for making the hem the inside bottom of the tote bag but it occurred to me last night that I can certainly do it the other way and make it the outside bottom, so the next one will have the paisley on the bottom to coordinate with the finished one that has the paisley at the top.

Yes, that is a stick by my front door. Doesn't everyone bring home sticks, stones, feathers and seashells? *cheeky grin*
My first shabby chic pillowcase tote was disappointing beause it was a little small, but then it surprised me by immediately becoming my purse, a lil lavender bag that I love a LOT and carry everywhere.
I have the companion pillowcase and am thinking of using it to make a coordinating box tote (or two). I love it that so many of my pillowcases came in sets!
Here is a link for the box totes. I don't have a zipper but was thinking about using button-and-loop closures. I have so many wonderful buttons! These are mother-of-pearl, square rather than round.

... am I gonna have fun or what?! *big grin*

I'm getting better at sewing straight seams and on the green-striped tote, I actually managed to sew a seam twice without too much variation! This is good because it reinforced the top of the bag and the straps. Once I master controlling where the straight seams go, I'll work on curved seams; who knows? Maybe my craft sewing will someday give me the skills to be successful at making my own clothes! Now THERE'S a transformation I've been looking forward to all my life. *smiling*

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