Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hi, Pamela!

I wasn't sure if you would find my reply if I left it in the comments, so I thought I would answer you here.

You asked, "I do love your leather bags. Where do you ship them to and how did you figure out how to market them? I am inspired by your and Gryph's ingenuity about starting a home buisness. I am in the same ball park, looking for something I can do at home."

A friend who has a costume business offered me her scraps for quilting, and Gryph her leather scraps. We were talking about it and she said if Gryph would be interested, she had lost her supplier for leather belt pouches and she would take what we made on consignment. So of course we jumped on that, lickety split! Our friend already has a website (Twin Roses Designs http://www.twinrosesdesigns.com/ ), so the marketing is already in place.

We're finding a certain amount of marketing in word-of-mouth, too; a couple people have already asked for bags and we're thrilled about that!

Best to you in finding a "homemade business" that makes your heart sing; I know one is out there and you will find it. I think it takes a certain amount of introspection, yanno? Looking inward to see what it is that you might be doing that other people would like----and then it takes the courage to actually START doing it. Once you get started, you'll naturally work through your doubts and then you'll be okay!

Blessings to you!!

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