Sunday, March 8, 2015

That House

For those who've followed the saga of That House here on Making Dreams, we're getting a new roof as I write! It's been a long saga getting to this point and it's long overdue; there were FIVE layers of shingles on the roof. The surprise to us is that the original shakes are long gone, but the nailing strips are still there and not rotten at all even though several roofers assured us they were. We've had to have the rafter tails shortened to get rid of the rot so our eaves aren't going to protect the house as much as they did, but we can worry about that later. The important thing is to have a sound new roof.

Sometimes Dreams Need Incubated

And I've certainly had time to incubate this new dream; I see it's been two years since I posted here. I dropped off Google! And in the meantime, other people have used the name "Making Dreams." *sheepish look*

So what's claimed all my attention? A double dream, actually. I've developed two skills simultaneously. One skill is Intuitive Readings. The other skill is songwriting. Neither of these are things I thought I could do, and both of them are things which satisfy my soul.

I was hoping very much I could put music files here but I see they have to be videos. I'll have to think about that... video-making is a skill I haven't yet developed. It's really slowing me down. But in the meantime, here's a link to the song I think is my best so far.

This song is reggae, a song about waiting for someone you love to see you.

Come on by and see me baby if you've got the time
I've been hoping I can find a way to make you mine
Come on by and see me baby let me give my heart
Let me wrap my arms around you with a lover's art
Come on by and see me baby let me hold you tight
Let me give my heart to you in the quiet night

Seems I've loved you all my life although you were not mine
Now I'm hoping you might find a way to make some time
Make some time to see me baby let me have a chance
Wrap your arms so tight around me in a lover's dance
Hold me soft and tender baby say that you will stay
Let me give my heart to you while the music plays

Everything I am is always yours
Everything I am belongs to you
I've been waiting all my life for this
Waiting all my life to feel your kiss
Waiting all my life to feel your love

Come on by and see me baby I will wait for you
I've been waiting patiently for you to see the truth
Now you're here there is no need to wait another day
Come on and by and let me love you till the break of day
Come on by and see me baby fill my dreams tonight
Let me give my heart to you in the quiet night

[edited to add] Well, that doesn't work so well, it flips you out of my blog! Have to figure out another way to link.