Thursday, March 27, 2008

Always be true to your own wings.... not try to force yourself to be a red paisley chicken (with that thing on the top of a chicken head) if indeed you are a sweet lil purple sparrow.

Here is yesterday's project, which I carried with me and stitched on the bus and at the bus stops as Gryph and I made our way to the post office with the leather bags and to the bus station with ticket money. Our reward was the library--I do so love the library!--for books, books on tape, and *ta-daa!* some magazines at the Friends of the Library store. Just can't beat ten cent magazines. This time they had a year's worth of Rubber Stampede! Lots of inspiration there, for sure!

Back to the chicken now.... I knew I would only have one chance at the red paisley, since the scarf is fairly small; so I thought I would make a prototype, work out the pattern first. Good thing, eh? If it didn't have "feathers" in its tail, I would think I had made a dolphin, lol!

The red paisley scarf is silk and even though I keep telling myself that it is just a fifty cent scarf, I cannot shake the fact that it is silk... I am too intimidated by that to take a chance on making a mistake. I used cotton for my prototypes.

Yes, prototypes, there is a second "chicken" in progress. We'll see how well it turns out, and how much redrawing has to be done on the pattern! This one has separate wings--I even remembered to flip the pattern and cut two wings backwards so they fit properly!--rather than soft-sculptured wings, and I am experimenting with making that thing on the top of a chicken head as an integral part of the body.

Yes, tis a joke; I do know the name of it... but hey... chickens DON'T have hair. *wink*

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