Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We had a party!!

It was a long haul getting ready for it, I'll tell you! but Sunday afternoon we had a party in our new place, and there were chairs---no one had to sit on the bed!!--and floor space--no "goat trails" between boxes!!! I was so excited!!

It was a really small party but that's okay cuz we could really only handle a small party at that point... but we're going to do it again! We're going to have people over again!! Ohhhhh it is so much better to live in a one-bedroom than in a studio!!! I feel like our lives, our true lives, have finally begun! Now we can come out of our cocoon (Gryph called it "the cave," living in that studio) and live like everyone else, having friends over, having floor space.... walking without tripping over or falling into box after tub after box, lol... and no one ever has to be in our bedroom cuz now it's separate from the living room, like it should be. *happy girl!*

I've been having much fun making things. I'm going to make at least one more scrapbunny, and I also am going to make more rice bags. I didn't finish the chair cover yet but it is on the list of things to do, along with two crocheted scarves, my ever-present teeny Star Wheel motifs, the cross stitch (it took a while to settle on the right fabric for practicing), and beading.

Oh! And I started another strip-piecing project; no idea what it might turn into, just had to start the strip-piecing. *grin*

Something new has landed in my lap too--leather! Right now we are experimenting, making leather bags and pouches. No pics yet--they'llbe coming after the experimental phase is over, I think, lol...

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