Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well, y'all can probably tell by the rescued-table entry that I have this thing about recycling furniture. Yesterday Gryph spotted a dresser jusssst before the two people carrying it got it into the dumpster, so we rescued it.

Oh what a short summation of the day, lol!!!

It actually took us two hours to get it the fifty feet from the dumpster to our apartment. Talk about stubborn and heavy! We could NOT get the drawers out no matter what we did, but at last and finally (after we had missed the bus to run our errands three times) we managed to pull out all the drawers; we got the handcart and Gryph got the thing home. We piled everything into the living room and took off to run our errands.

When we got home again (and had eaten supper), we decided to put the new dresser--which is really a kitchen cabinet!--in Our Craft Room under the microwave. Good thing, too, since it is 28" and our bedroom doorway is only 20"! But I digress... anyhow, we have this problem whenever we do ANYTHING around here. There is always *someone* DOGGING our footsteps *cheeky grin* and generally making a nuisance of herself. So before Gryph started moving the cabinet itself into Our Craft Room, I bent over to pick up the doglet and keep her out of the way.

The drawer landing on us was a total shock. I thought it landed a glancing blow on my arm and cracked the dog a good one on her head! My arm hurt so badly that I was SURE the poor baby must have gotten a concussion if not a cracked skull and I sent Gryph to take care of her right away. It took me some moments to work my way through my utter disbelief; Gryph had to tell me again and again, "the dog is okay, she isn't hurt."

Well. It wasn't a glancing blow; I took the full force of that big heavy drawer along my right forearm (and I'm right-handed, too), and I have the tenderness and goose egg to prove it. Now mind you, if it had to happen, that is how I want to be... I don't want the doglet to be hurt, ever, and I will always gladly take the blow if it spares her.

But oh do I claim whining rights. DANG, that thing hurts! My whole forearm is involved. It even made my fingers numb for a while. I can type some today, but it'll be a while before I can use sissors or do much sewing. Soooo I guess I will find myself a good book and thaw out one bag of frozen peas after another (icing that goose egg) for a couple days.

Sheesh, and I was having so MUCH fun sewing, too! Luckily, cotton fumes do not spoil. *grin*


  1. Hope your bruise subsides soon! Ow!

  2. *mwah*
    that's a kiss to make it all better...


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