Sunday, March 23, 2008

just add coffee...........

Gryph went off to work Friday.

Baby Quilter grabbed some breakfast and sat down to read email.

Self-Installing Cat Acessory Module One initiated installation in the vicinity of Quilter's breakfast.

Quilter objected. Installation terminated.

Module One objected with feet during uninstall. Desktop objects kicked over.

Quilter observed Domino Effect, picked many objects up from floor.

Coffee began to show up in odd places. Quilter observed Gryph's mostly empty coffee cup on side; oh no! Quilter picked up coffee cup, ran for towel.

Toooooooooooo Laaaaate. Quilter returned with towel only to see coffee-waterfall pouring over edge of desk INTO keyboard. Coffee cup had NOT been mostly empty!

*Quilter's reaction deleted to protect the innocent and those with sensitive systems, as well as anyone who thinks Quilter might be a nice person OR those who think Quilter does not cry*

Quilter has run many errands since that inauspicious moment--including one to obtain new keyboard.

No quilting has happened.


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