Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today I am thankful for....

Spinach pies, and their "built-in handles." We eat them with yogurt on top, and it gets a lil messy--so the handles come in... um... handy. *cheeky grin*

My 25 cent plates. Still getting a kick out of them!

The $6 baker's rack, which is proving its worth in the kitchen day after day--lately by holding my $6 set of dishes.

The way the spinach pie filling mellows in the fridge overnight. I was, um, a little.... enthusiastic... yes, that's the word... enthusiastic with the pepper when I made it last night. *blush*

Interlibrary loan.

Bus transfers.

Finding an author whose name I had forgotten--Manda Scott--read her first two books years ago as library books in another state and LOVED them, but lost track of them (and her) as I moved from state to state. Twas happenstance that Gryph saw an interesting novel and I rediscovered the author! Tis a fun work of fiction, and Gryph likes the game on the website, too... ooops, just discovered that I like it too, lol.

The way Lady brings her toys to her food area; she knows that is Her Place, and she actually picks up her toys and "puts them away"!!

Inspiration--this last batch of library books has been GREAT fun! I made a paper teapot the other night just to see if the template really worked, and it does!

Stick-to-it-iveness.. had a hard time convincing myself to finish my latest crochet project but I am SOOO glad I did!

New friends, especially new friends with wisdom to share.

Bubba (Module One) and his tuxedo-cat handsomeness.

The bookshelf we turned into a headboard.

The way Bubba claimed himself a little cubby in the headboard. *grin*

Thenie (the shy Module Four, you haven't seen many pics of her) hopping on the bed while the dog was on it, ignoring the dog (MAJOR progress!) and getting loads of attention without throwing a jealous fit (for the very first time!). Hey, it's only taken a year...

Thrilling the doglet by giving her some leftover yogurt, since it's good for her.

Finding this a little later on--everybody wants to get in on the act!!

Being able to laugh!

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