Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is a nine word poem for Arwen. Here are the nine words which inspired it: Bind ~ Innocent ~ Where ~ Intend ~ Compel ~ Rift ~ Late ~ Real ~ Find


Late in summer turned to autumn musing deep I stand
Before the glories’ green and twining creep upon the land
Where once twas nothing now the vibrance does the drifting gaze compel
Where once twas barren now exub’rant life twines out its spell

You may seek but never find the real authentic meaning in the world
The rift can only ever bind twixt leaf and bud unfurled
And innocent though twining bud may look to passing eyes
If you intend to see the truth in weeds that men despise

Look deeper yet, a purpose find within this burgeoning life

This earth which welcomes root and seed
Which answers every gardener’s need
Which takes the cut yet does not bleed

This earth which shelters bud and vine
To an ancient vast design
To a purpose undivined

Look deeper yet, a purpose find and mend the rift within


  1. "Which takes the cut yet does not bleed" is such a lovely line. Whole thing is gorgeousyummy! ;)

  2. HI Cath!
    Amazing poem .... I can't write a poem to save my life .... they all end up sounding like "roses are red, violets are blue ...."

    Anyhow.... thanks for the computer fix it advice .... it seems to have worked !!!!! :)

  3. I do so love this poem. You are very talented and soulful. A wonderful winning combination.

    Blessings, Dear.



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