Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today I am grateful for....

A street I haven't explored before.

Another heartpod tree--love those!

What look like crabapple trees, loaded with little berry-like deep bright red... crabapples?

Finding a pear tree in our neighborhood park.

Having a neighborhood park only four blocks from the apartment.

Hazy "twilight" Autumn mornings, all soft and grey-skied.

Finding a pair of gloves in my jacket pocket! *brrrrr, really grateful for those!*

Talking to my friend down the street.

Schoolbus yellow.

.........not ever having to get on a schoolbus again! lol!

Long slow ambles through the neighborhood.

Feeling like I belong here, if only for a time: this is MY neighborhood now.

Living in such a woodsy place; the urban forest is alive and well in my neighborhood.

Lichens on a wooden fence.

Big houses on double lots.

The neighborhood creek, and the parklike landscaping alongside it.

Adorable little houses.

Crepe myrtles in full Autumn bloom.

The silver undersides of maple leaves.

White-flowered monkey grass.

Salmon-n-coral hibiscus, the tropical kind... so beautiful.

Getting home before I was desperate to.... getting older is not for sissies.... *wry laugh*

The peaceful silence of an apartment without an air conditioner running (at least for this morning--this afternoon I will be grateful for the air conditioner! *grin*).

Realizing that gratitude doesn't depend on happiness, that I can recognize the good in my life and be grateful for it whether I feel happy or not.

The internet.

A good computer.

And of course... YOU! *grin*

Are there things you're grateful for?

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  1. Grateful for blogirl-friends like you....*huge sigh*

    Your post was so beautifully written, especially:

    Realizing that gratitude doesn't depend on happiness.


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