Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today I am grateful for....

Coffee and peanut butter, stashed away to get me through Summer and into Autumn--and for the foresight to stash them, back last Spring!

Cool Autumn breezes that make me want to dance down the street, and sent me dashing back inside to get Gryph for a loverly walk.

Deep orange and maroon marigolds.

My home, which is becoming ever more homelike to me.

The pictures we hung on the wall this weekend.

Four loads of clean laundry, dried, folded, put away.

An empty sink. (Well, it was empty till we finished breakfast, anyhow. *grin*)

Fresh strawberries.

Good sales at the grocery store.

Soft rain and hazy mornings.

Umbrollies! *grin*

Daydreams... we saw a triplex for sale yesterday when we were out walking in that gorgeous Autumn breeze, and we daydreamed a little.

Having the water and heat included in our rent. (lol, that put the daydream in its place pretty quickly...)

Cats and dogs... their fur feels so wonderful under my fingers, but their love feels even better. Making the dog grin, seeing her loving eyes, watching the cat's eyes close in ecstasy when I rub his head... oh my *heartmelt*

Cell phones.


Orange chairs.

Being able to sit partially cross-legged again finally! That knee was nine months healing.

Old friends.

Being able to crochet.

Being able to figure out crochet patterns, especially when they've made a mistake in the instructions.

Being old enough now to "not worry about it"--perspective is beautiful.

You. I am ever so grateful for you!!

GRYPH! *huge happy grin*


  1. Grin, I wanna come to Wichita and learn how to make doilies!

  2. Hey! How do you know Arwen? I've known her in "real" life for years!

  3. LOL! Pixie! What are YOU doing on bit's blog? How funny!


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