Saturday, September 6, 2008

today I am grateful for....

Today I am grateful for....

My bright yellow rain slicker with a hood! Nothing makes me feel the wonder of rain and childhood more... tis like Paddington Bear's... *huge grin*

A happy flowerpot garden without having to lug jugs of water!

Watching the doglet shake and shake, and seeing that dementedly happy grin in her eye. *I'm wet, I've got to plaaaayyyy!!!*

Being met at the door by Gryph with a big towel, and watching the doglet do her (involuntary, lol) Yoda impression.

Watching her love Gryph and be loved in return--one of the sweetest satisfactions in life, since I was truly worried that she wouldn't accept another adult around me.

Hooks on the back of the front door, to hold coats and such.

The teensy lil clothes-drying umbrella that hangs on the shower curtain rod, and is jusssst big enough to take one drippy wet bright yellow rain slicker with a hood while it dries.

Seeing that Gryph made it safely across the street to the bus stop.

The gray morning light coming in the windows.

Having enough Mexican bean stew left over to send it to work for Gryph's lunch.

Being with it enough this morning to make some tortillas to go with her lunch.

The banana cupcakes I made last night as a midnight snack.

LIBRARY BOOKS!!! ohhhhhhh I have found some good ones!

Reading a book for beginners in papercraft--not that I think of myself as a beginner, but it had cool projects--and discovering a very good reason to get a bone folder for greeting cards, rather than a plastic folder. I always wondered....

A cat wandering through the apartment, yowing because he has his "mouse" in his mouth and all is right with his world.

The doglet warm and softly sleeping at my feet.


What are you grateful for today?

Bright Blessings!

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