Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wouldja look at that!

Better than I expected, better than I dared to dream! Look at that butternut squash!

Of course, watering it like I did brought the rain two days early this week *blink, blink* and I'm seriously beginning to wonder just what is going on here... lol! Hey, this time I didn't even fertilize!

Something else really likes the rain....

Say hello to amaranth. You can see that it took a huge gulp of water and just, well, expanded! I wish I could get basil to grow like that! And no, I'm not going to pull the weeds; they're very nearly as nutritious as purslane and I've been wishing for years that I could have a chance to try them and see what they taste like. Now I have a chance!

True leaf time! First off, the punkins at the back of the purslane pot--and those droplets you see are rain; I snuck out between showers to get these pics.

The seedlings in the eggplant pot seem to be catching up with the seedlings in the pepper pot now. Maybe the difference is sunlight? The shade comes in gradually from south to north, and gets to the eggplant first.

Then we have this exciting lil development--a pepper blossom! Wooohooo!

Last but not least at ALL--check this out--new growth on the butternuts. Can you imagine? On the 7th, nearly dead, on the 8th, burgeoning new growth?! Like I said, beyond all my expectations!

I'll get back to art postings soon; I've been reading a lot lately while I wait for my wrists to settle back down. The Friends of the Library store had three issues of a magazine called Belle Armoire that I am enjoying right now; inspiration on every page.


  1. Isn't it amazing the way plants respond to the rain. They almost seem to be leaping out of the ground! Yours look so green and healthy.

  2. Hi there! Welcome to my lil corner of blogland! *smiling* I moseyed on over to your blog and truly enjoyed it! Happy vacation to you!



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