Monday, July 7, 2008


When a person is sick, she can let the litterbox go for a couple days; tis nasty, but not a disaster.... but letting the garden go a couple days when it is in flower pots is a disaster. *sigh* I watered this morning--two gallons divided among the pots, and most of it into the butternut squash, which had completely wilted. The lettuce is dead--no biggie--but I am very sorry about the squash. It had buds already, the first male blooms, big as my thumbnail. I'll go out again this afternoon and see if it revived, or if the wilt is permanent.

In the meantime, my seedlings are up, yellow straightneck squash, Jack o'Lantern pumpkins (in a flowerpot, lol, I'm crazy) and bush green beans. I'll take pics this afternoon.

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