Monday, July 21, 2008

This book, part two...

Thank you all for your comments!

Selena, do you have watercolor pencils? They might be good in your new journal; you can control the amount of water by using a barely damp Q-Tip, and that helps a lot with keeping the wrinkles to a minimum. But yanno, I've found in experimenting with them that they have that watercolor delicacy (as opposed to the heavier wax-based colored pencils) even without water.

Cindy, I'm not so good at journaling anymore either; I guess blogging took its place. But I think vacation journals would be marvelous!

Dawn, what a sweet compliment! But um, well... I don't wish to journal so much as I wish to *make books* lol... books are so magical, and to think that *I* could make them! It's a big artistic challenge, yanno?

But I do confess.... Gryph found an old watercolor set last night and I am eyeing it... well, okay... I STOLE it, lol!! It may be a kids' set but I don't care; tis just for noodling around...

I'll be back later with a garden post and (if I can find a surface I like) with a pic of my doily, too.


  1. Oh I love watercolor pencils, and you're right, you don't even need to always use water for a nice effect.
    Cath - I look forward to seeing some of your watercolors now that you STOLE some - haha !

  2. borrowing from spouse is not stealing. its borrowing. perhaps you should do something nice in return for her finding such a useful doodle toy :)

  3. I'll be first in line at your book signing *grin*.

    And hey--since I have you on the phone....can you give me any tips on growing great celery?


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