Thursday, July 17, 2008

This book.... on my wish list! OHHHHH talk about inspirational! It's filled with directions for making your own journals----bookbinding for ordinary crafters! And the book styles are wonderful! LOL, I loved the travel journal made from--no kidding--a manila file folder and five business size envelopes. I also loved the books that were made the old fashioned way, with sewn signatures, ribbon bindings, and cloth-over-board covers. The sheer variety is amazing and to top it off, her illustrations and journaling examples are wonderful! This is a book about the whole experience of journaling, from start to finish, whether you are embellishing a blank book or making a book yourself, and it includes all sorts of ideas for what to journal about and how to capture the moments of your life. It's the kind of book that I return to again and again, and I'll be glad to someday have it in my permanent library!

The author is a college art teacher and it shows in her professionalism, her mastery of the subject, and her easy writing manner. Reading the book is like sitting across the table from her, watching and listening as she shows you what to do--and you just KNOW that if you do it the same way, your own book will be gorgeous!

I'm SO glad I found this book!


  1. Guess what I bought last night? A new journal. I'm going to try a bit of everything with it. The paper is thin because it is lined but I thought I might try some colored pencil drawings to start. I also hope to do some clippings from favorite magazines. Thanks for the welcome.

  2. I guess I like blogging so much because I love journaling. I should say I love the idea of journaling, I just am not very good at sitting down and accomplishing it. Except when we travel. Every night I record what we did that day. It's great to go back and read old vacation journals. It's the next best thing to being there.

  3. The book looks sooooo yummy! And you have such a way with words that I can see your journal just coming to life!


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