Wednesday, July 30, 2008

comes running in, alll excited!

Wooohooooooo!!! Okay, so I could NOT wait to show y'all---an eggplant!! So exciting!! I don't know if a baby eggplant means pollination happened or not; guess we'll know in a couple days if the fruit falls off the plant... but OH tis so exciting!

This made me laugh; tis the butternut vine, seeking new soil... won't find it here on the concrete though...

Told ya I had pepper blossoms.

I think my row of greenness is wonderful. There was nothing here but concrete before, and now--there is life, burgeoning!

Irrepressible life, burgeoning, lol... I have NO IDEA how this lil plant got itself growing in a concrete block wall (they aren't clay bricks, they're concrete), but I salute it!! To life!!

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  1. That eggplant will be growing big in no time. And you should be getting some peppers any day now.
    It looks great!


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