Sunday, November 16, 2008

That House--kitchen, bath, and laundry room tackiness

So yanno, when you're looking at an old house, there's the gorgeous parts and then there's the "modern, improved" parts.... I've already shown you unimproved gorgeous. Now here is the view from the back door, all the way to the front door.

I don't know what purpose the laundry room once served, but I would think it was probably a mudroom and laundry room even before automatic washers were invented. You can see this is where they brought the electricity inside.
One wonders JUST how tall these people were? lol!!!

Ohhh my gosh, let's NOT look down, okay? I cannot safely descend into the darkness, so the basement post will need to wait until I can get up and down the steps.

Moving through the laundry room and kitchen now... remember all those doorways from the dining room?

Here is the hall closet, between the front bedroom and the bathroom. One wonders what it looked like when it was new; surely not like this?

And here is the bathroom. The window has been hidden behind the panel on that back wall. The owner did this remodel/update (presumably in 1981 when he bought the house) but the vinyl flooring is courtesy the last tenant, the one who did the unauthorized remodeling which involved so much destruction.

And now for the ultimate in tacky remodels.... here is the owner's idea of what a kitchen should look like. *sigh* If the cabinets were not cheap and broken particle board, it might not be so bad... but not only are they cheap, they are filthy with years of cooking grease and general grunge. I really don't want to put my food or dishes into those cupboards, but if we do get this house--when we get this house--redoing the kitchen cabinets will be pretty low on the priority list. Buying a stove, refrigerator and washer/dryer have to come first. We'll just have to see whether cleaning can work a miracle...

It took us a while to figure out why the vinyl was missing from this patch of floor on the opposite side of the kitchen, and why there was a 220 outlet there. It was hours before I dredged up from my memories how excited my mother was to buy a freezer that just plugged right in, that didn't need a special outlet... my best guess is that there was once a chest freezer in this corner that was SO HEAVY they couldn't move it to lay the flooring.

The wood underneath here is absolutely gray and I couldn't tell what kind it is, whether oak or pine. The next time we get to go inside I will take another look.
Till later!


  1. I can see why you love this house, and why the house talks to you. :)

  2. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Gris}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} She welcomed me Home the first time I walked in the door... how could I not fall in love? *helpless shrug, smiling*


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