Thursday, November 20, 2008

Door Wreath, Incarnation # 3

The color is off some; those leaves are more brown than purple and the purple cord's not quite that dark--but my photo program couldn't fix the colors so I left them. It's enough to give you an idea what the wreath looks like this month, anyhow. *smiling* Tis very ephemeral, this wreath. Everything is twisted, braided, woven... only the thread (which binds the feather on) and the purple cord are secured with knots. The leaves are just tucked into spaces between the twigs and when I change the wreath again, they'll come out so new things can take their places.

I kind of like it this way. *grins*

.........wish those leaves really WERE that purple, lol!


  1. I like it! What a great job you did!

  2. I think you are very inspiring...this is so delicate.
    I admire your sensitivity and primitive look you give to is ohhh so lovely.

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Kris, Gris}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Thank you!

    I think of it as my Homespun Wreath, kinda girly, kinda natural. *smiling*


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