Friday, November 21, 2008

Rules For Glue-burning

The glue burning is a little tricky. The first rule is, if it *doesn't* set off your smoke alarm, replace your battery.

The second rule is, be sure you sit up straight because if you *ow* get all absorbed in what you're *eeep* doing *aaaack* and you have hunched over side*oof*ways, you will be abruptly brought out of your concentration *EEEP* by a back spasm.


The third rule is, prepare to be hungry for marshmallows. It makes me wonder just what in the HECK they put into marshmallows, since burnt glue smells so much like them.... *huge eyes, with eyebrows into the hairline*

The fourth rule is, don't panic when you catch on fire---er, I mean--when the object in your hand catches on fire! lol!

*primly* We shall not discuss what happened when the dried leaf I was experimenting with burst into roaring flames in my fingertips and WOULD not shake or blow back out..... hey, paper, papery leaf, same diff, right?.... NOT.

Yes, yes, I remain unscathed... except for an occasional twitch now and then...

Guess I'd better take some pics and do a tutorial, eh? Maybe this weekend... today I am celebrating my favorite holiday: payday. Thanksgiving dinner, here I come!!

See ya at the grocery store! *blows kisses*


  1. I think I will leave this technique to you...and your brave self can enjoy the daring seems like a risky business...lmao
    Happy Thanksgiving my wonderful friend, I hope the two of you have a beautiful week. I am going to visit my mom. Hugs.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha! Risky business! You, um, might be right... but really, it's all smoke and reflective surfaces. Well, they're shiny after you wipe the soot away, anyhow. *innocent look*

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all yours! *blows kisses* {{{{{{{{{{{Gris}}}}}}}}}}}}} safe journey!



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