Friday, November 14, 2008

That House--full size pics

This is what has me so completely distracted from everything, even the internet.... Gryph and I have fallen in love with That House. Tis a Craftsman Bungalow, built in 1920, and although there are many things wrong with it, including two bad remodel jobs, there are also many things which could not be more right. This is the living room--well, one end of the living room!--with the original gas fireplace and built-in glass-fronted bookshelves. You can also see the badly built window seat a tenant installed. It was evidently the same tenant who painted the iron front of the fireplace gold, and left Christmas tree lights inside it. *eeep*

The floor is solid oak. The woodwork is original.

This is the view out the back door. The concrete is extensive; dunno whether it was a patio or a driveway originally; it might have also been the foundation for a garage, since many of the houses in the neighborhood have detached garages at the back. What the concrete would be for me? Space for flower pots, stand-alone small greenhouses, a patio table and chairs....

The doorways into the bedrooms, hallway, bathroom and kitchen from the dining room. You can see one of the original furnace vents at the lower right corner. Some of the doors are missing, but the frames are all still intact. This floor is also solid oak. The floors in the bedrooms are solid pine. The kitchen floor is covered with vinyl, so we don't yet know which wood it might be, but I suspect the bathroom floor is pine like the bedrooms.

The dining room windows, and the return air vent for the furnace. These windows face south. The top window is diamond-paned "wavy glass" although it looks flat in this pic. I don't know why it was popular back then to make a window that curved in and out.... because they could? lol!
You cannot tell from the inside, but these windows are the site of the worst structural damage to the house; the wall outside has bowed out as the foundation shifted, and has separated from the windows. It did give me the chance to peek inside the wall and see that the house is built with an inner brick wall, an air space, and an outer brick wall.
Some of the interior walls still have their original plaster.

From the kitchen, through the dining room, to the front door. You can see the windows on the other side of the living room in this pic; the fireplace is on the north wall, these windows are on the south wall. The door and the light fixture are not original... but then, they don't have to be. They're still part of the history of the house. *smiling*

Tis my dearest hope to be able to buy this house! More pics later.



  1. I LOVE IT! I totally understand your distraction - it looks like it would become a wonderful home!
    *sending positive home-getting thoughts* xoxoxo

  2. The house is beautiful Cath, no wonder you are in love with this your Crow Nest...I can see all the attention to detail and wood work has enchanted you...lots of work but worth it. I know you will find a way to make this a reality...remember how powerful you are, and how much the two of you deserve it. The house also deserves to be cared for and loved. I can see you there...I will hold this vision for you as well. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. may it happen for you both. I could so totally see this :)

  4. Thank you all! {{{{{{{{{{{Ursy, Gris, Katt}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    I feel so much like the house is ours... gonna go see if the inspection report is in today's mail... hope so, because then I can start getting repair bids so we know how much to offer the owner...


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