Thursday, November 20, 2008

That House--exterior pics

This is the front of That Rollercoastering House; sloppy and way too plain, but easily fixed with paint and a little woodwork. The tree on the left is in the backyard. I don't know what the street tree is, but I suspect some kind of oak.

Notice the brick street? Original to the neighborhood. Many of them have been asphalted over, but this one remains. Even one of the alleys was once brick paved.
The truck belongs to a roofer who was giving me an estimate on repairs today.

Ignore the roofer, lol; I didn't mean to take his pic. This pic is really of the north side of the house. The first two windows are above the living room fireplace; the rest are the bedrooms and bathrooms on both floors. That line on the roof is the original built in gutter. The second chimney back by the second floor is from an old gravity-fed furnace, and isn't in use any longer.

The wind is pretty fierce today and I couldn't stay any longer to take more pics. Maybe tomorrow...

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