Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weird and Wonderful Around the Neighborhood

So. You think there's reason for paranoia? You get the feeling somebody's watching you? You don't trust the government anymore?

In Phoenix, they disguise cell phone towers and security cameras as palm trees, big metal sculptures, some realistic looking, some artistic looking... but here in Wichita, we have a more... homegrown.... application.

WE use maple trees. Real ones. And we're blatant about it.

What's that? Can't see it? Take a closer look.
Somebody please pass me my tinfoil hat. Oh, and you can relax; this antenna's aimed at my sweet friend the Doglet Groomer, down the street. Maybe the CIA needs to use dog-lish spies now? lol!

Coming back towards home now. Say, do ya like this fancy garden bed alongside our complex? These lovely lil lavender daisies grow all over this neighborhood--like the violets in the grass--just weeds underfoot, most of them no bigger than two inches. But this plant here is special! It found itself some space in a garden bed!

Yeppers, that's right... it's SIX inches tall, growing in a crack of the sidewalk covered with a quarter inch of dust and dried leaves!

Life... it's everywhere! *grin*

Of course, sometimes life gets a bit confused... check out the lil five petal white blossom at the top center of this photo.

And then... oh yes.... a bird's nest in this young tree! They didn't waste any time; the tree was just planted in front of our complex this summer! (You can see the blossom better if you follow the curve of the branch in front of the nest.)

Ahhhh, here we go, the marigolds by our front door. Those irises in the background were glorious this past spring, and the marigolds have finally taken root and prospered this fall. They brighten everyone's day!

Tis so good to be home! Kick off your shoes, have a sea----er.... what's this? Oh! It seem the Self-Installing Cat Accessory, Module Three, is running the "Adorable Foldy Feets" Application on the Optional Chair Platform.... and I see she has installed the Optional Camera Flash Eye Enhancement Application as well!

Oh well, we didn't need to sit down anyhow, did we? lol!

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  1. Look at that content cat! :) Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I hope our schedules even out a bit, but in the meantime, have a great week!


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