Saturday, October 25, 2008

The COOLEST blog!!! Check this out!

This is a tutorial on making your own art journal. I've read this beginning post, and I'm not reading another until I get my own journal--who knows, maybe I will make one out of watercolor paper; I have the paper and now I also have an excuse!

Have y'all seen the Ning communities? I found the link to Sarah's blog here on Artful Journaling, which is part of this community Fiber Arts/Mixed Media.

OH MY WORD... I had to come back and edit this to add another one. Check this one out, too! This is River Garden Studio, and it was a little slow to load, even on highspeed, but oh my, so VERY worth the wait! Roxanne is an art teacher and VERY amazing artist; her blog is filled with inspiring images!

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  1. thank you. I needed to see the soul art journal.. thats brought some inspiration to me.


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