Friday, October 10, 2008


I have SIX baby bell-peppers and THREE baby eggplants in my lil flowerpot garden, all at once! lol!! Guess my Fall harvest will give me more than I got all Summer long! I had thought the garden was done last month, and almost tossed the plants... so glad I was lazy! *grin*

I'm working on another doily, size 80 thread again. Tis a five-point star for the holidays, and there are lacy fans between the points to make it round-ish. Pics will come a lil later. I found a couple more back issues of Magic Crochet and Decorative Crochet magazines, plus my Rita Weiss book, 101 Crochet Edgings. Tis fun to look through, pick and choose, and start something new!

It's funny how things take on their own lives... I look at the doily, and it seems like something someone else has made, something completely independent of me--and I marvel at it! Then I pick up my hook and get back to work. *wink*


  1. Oh I adore eggplant! Do you make Baba Ganouj? MMMMMMM

  2. ICK! lol, I am bad, I hate tahini... so I don't make either baba ganouj or hummus. But the eggplant, being so slender and baby and all, is MARVELOUS sliced onto a pizza!

    *don't like peanut butter, either... tis the texture*

  3. Grin, I so don't understand people and textures like this. My silly housemate is the same. I think you know him? Skinny red headed fella who's known for wearing green tights? :)


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