Monday, June 23, 2008

tired! and garden, and doily--and firefly magic!

A new blog post is coming after I finish rearranging the living room; that may be a couple days yet. We got more furniture and are finally able to unpack most of the boxes and tubs. *huge sigh of relief!*

Today I thinned the lettuce and put the thinnings on my cheese sandwich for lunch. I also planted the first of the peas (too late, I know, but hope springs eternal, lol) and a couple seeds of Bright Lights cosmos. I love that flower; it is SO intensely colored! And it should be able to deal with the heat from the concrete. I let the pots dry out over the weekend--what a way to celebrate Summer Solstice, by letting my garden go thirsty, eeek--but they seem to be okay, and I did water today. I really need more pots and some green bean seeds! The lil bitty flowerpots are really not going to make it through the summer heat okay unless I water them twice a day, and that wastes water and effort, plus the roots will cook anyway. I really prefer the big 20 inch pots but all the hardware store has is 14 inchers; still, they'll do!

The doily is on the last round and I am blown away, not just by the loveliness of pineapples and fans, but by the fact that I have stuck it out and am finishing it, lol.... I was bored for a while there and that's usually the death knell for any doily. But I persevered and it will be done soon! Maybe even this week!

Walking the doglet in the evenings I have been privileged to see fireflies! They seem to love really weedy lawns, and we have a lot of those on the block. Last evening, I got close enough to see that a firefly is a dusty red bug with a yellowy cream behind. From a distance, their lights look like TRULY miniature white holiday lights, twinkling on and off... but up close it is shocking, really shocking... they're neon chartreuse!!!

This is funny because the first armchair I turned down at the thrift store was neon chartreuse and I made a big deal about being so shocked by it, lol... who would want that color in their living room?!

Well, now I know... anyone who loves fireflies! lol!

I have to say, it's the darndest thing when those bugs light up. You suddenly can't see their behinds; all you see is the light. I had thought from a lifetime of shining a flashlight through my hand *grin* that one would see the traces of veins or whatever... but all you see is the light. Tis magic!


  1. Ohhh! We're coming to visit & walk with you----we love fireflies! And you crochet diva--can't wait to see your finished pineapple doily!

    Enjoy your garden--and I have a really dumb question(s) (okay---read=newbie gardener!) a. why do you have to thin your lettuce and b. when do you do that???

  2. Welcome, I will gladly share my fireflies! *grin* I would love to show them off!

    I answered your questions in a new post; hope it helps!



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