Monday, June 16, 2008

*slides in singing like Al Jolson*

"DOIIIILLLYYYY, how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old doily! I put a million miles of string in it's true *spoken in that Jolsony way* but EVVVryone SMILES when they look at you!!"

Blogger won't let me upload pics today, but I am making good progress on the doily. It is getting quite large! And most unfortunately, my hands and wrists are getting quite swollen... *sigh* Tis amazing that as my hands remember more and more what to do and how to do it, as I pick up speed and my gauge starts to even out, my wrists get more and more swollen. It shouldn't be that way, and yet it is.

I think it's the pineapples. Making all those chains puts a real strain on me, I guess, because I have to keep the thread under pressure to keep the gauge even. When you're doing solid crochet, the fabric you're creating does some of the holding for you--but these chains are so airy and flimsy that my hands have to do it all.

So anyhow, even though I absolutely love to crochet and am getting a huge kick out of creating something so lacy, I guess I have to finish this doily and then give my wrists a rest. When I start crocheting again, I guess I have to be careful what kind of pattern I choose.

Oh, lol, and the blotchiness doesn't bother me anymore. This was the best fifty cents I ever spent! Well, a dollar if you count the magazine. *smile*

Pics when Blogger cooperates again!

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