Tuesday, June 10, 2008

oh my gosh!!

We have achieved lettuce sproutage!! I planted a 14 inch pot with butternut squash, spinach, and mesclun lettuce mix on Friday, and the lettuce sprouted Monday! Pics later...

In the meantime, Gryph has gone to Arizona for vacation. Curly decided he needed A Big Adventure... it evidently straightened his curly cockade (!!!!) but he has enjoyed his time with Gryph. It started at the bus station....

He charmed the attendants...

And then he passed the time waiting for the bus to arrive with a companion. The conversation was, by all accounts, deep and soulful.

I'm certainly looking forward to the pics he will bring with him when he arrives home Wednesday afternoon!

*blink* Um, oh yeah... hope he brings Gryph with him, too! *cheesy grin*

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