Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ask, and ye shall receive....

So I've been complaining because we just don't have enough shelves... ask, they say, and ye shall receive... they just forgot to mention you might need to do a little work first!

I found a medicine cabinet in the trash of a building that's being renovated. It was brand new--brand new!!--but someone had dropped it. The shattered mirror was still inside it.

One of my neighbors helped me rescue it; she and I cleaned it out, saved the shelves, and took off the door and magnetic catch. One hinge had pulled away from the door, leaving it irreparable. I saved the hardboard from the middle for another project and ditched the broken frame, leaving me with this very nice brand new empty cabinet.

It had a problem.

This broken corner is the clue that let me know someone had dropped it. I dealt with it the easiest way possible:
Looks just fine upside down, eh? *grin*

It works just fine, too! The shelves were not on very strong supports, but it works well enough. It's holding canned goods, with my small cookbooks on the very top--yanno, that used to be the bottom. *grin*

When I went to the hardware store, I took my time and explored, and eventually I came to an aisle FILLED with small plastic drawer-type bins.... and voila! I found sturdy metal shelf supports, bigger than the ones it came with but still fitting the same size holes. Hardware stores are SUCH amazing places! I sure like ours! And now my new lil shelf unit is perfect for tuna and beans, canned soup and fruit, and even (shhh! don't let the doglet hear) a big box of Milkbones!

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