Wednesday, June 18, 2008

no tortilla left behind

Today I remembered to snap the pic before I started eating, lol... my seasoned tortillas. They were yummy with a light spread of cream cheese--it was out because that's how I pill the doglet, wrap the pill in cream cheese, and she's been hurtng with this changeable weather. Big thunder-boomer at 4:30 this morning.

Yesterday, I found a Life Rule. When your wife is madly scrambling to clean up a mess which has interrupted her cooking and which will not stop compounding itself, and she hollers into the next room to come and see this horrific calamity, and she cusses about how much she HATES this machine which is still spouting messes all over even THOUGH the first thing she did was to turn it OFF.... do not look at her and say, "I never have that kind of trouble with it."

She will say something truly obscene and shocking to you.

Oh yes, it's true, she will. Uh huh. *nods*

Life Rule Number Two: If the top-of-the-line coffee pot is in the thrift store, it WILL leak. Badly. Your wife will think for months that YOU are just a slob because of this leak. She will not figure out that you are not the problem until the coffee pot finally leaks all over itself, the counter, and the wood floor in one glorious explosion into non-functionality----WHILE she is desperately trying to cook breakfast and has tortillas (now burning) in a hot skillet.

No one gives away a top-of-the-line coffee pot unless *something* is wrong with it. Now we know what it was.

Gryph did forgive me for the obscenity, but not until AFTER mentioning not knowing "the collapse of all civilization" could be triggered by a coffee pot, lol....

Anyhow, a new and gloriously plain and practical coffee pot *which does NOT leak* is sitting on the counter now, but I forgot to make the rest of the tortillas. Found them in their lil plastic bowl this morning and did they ever smell GOOOOD!! Who knew one could make sourdough tortillas, so to speak? So I rolled em out and cooked em! They took a LOT more flour than usual, though.

The seasonings I used when I made the dough were garlic salt (instead of plain salt), black pepper, Italian seasoning, basil, and chili powder. Gryph says plain tortillas are good but these are wonderful, so seasoned tortillas it is---and I'm never going to worry about using all the dough in one day again. Breakfast was grand this morning! And yanno---I can make dough the night before now, and breakfast can be grand any time!

Cath, wishing she had more of those tortillas right now!


  1. Yum they look delicious and I loved your take on thrifted coffee pots. Oh and one more thing: Ugh!...I had a glitch in my blog comment section. Please, please come back if you weren't able to visit!

  2. Well, hi there darlin! I haven't been to your blog to comment because I've been so busy building a better nest.... got more living room furniture and such. A blog post is coming, but not until after I'm all done. *tired grin*

    I'll go visit you now!



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