Friday, May 2, 2008

Oooooooh, just joined!!

Check it out, Apronista is loads of fun! I meant to take a nap but ended up surfing Mary Anne's blog and Dandelion Quilts and I found a link to Apronista... I have been needing and wanting to make some aprons for months and now I have finally found the place to celebrate all things aprony-making! *big beaming grin*

Oh, that nap? I got not just the flu but bronchitis *big eyeroll* and that's what's kept me from posting but I will soon, I promise, with pics.

In the meantime, check out Mary Anne's music... Bing, Frank, and more... have been soooo grumpy this morning but right now I am sitting here dancing--albeit not too vigorously, lol--in my chair. Thank you, thank you, for the mood brightener!!!


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