Thursday, May 15, 2008

Signs of Spring

Roses in a gentle rain, and Spring is here to stay
Wichita is lovelier with every passing day
My heart sings out with happiness for every bloom that blows
My soul is soothed with peacefulness
And raindrops on the rose

Pink against Gray, soft ephemeral floral loveliness against stolid enduring gray brick...

"A white sportcoat, and a pink carnation..." I cannot help hearing that song every time I see these little beauties. Carnations are one of my favorites and it's lovely to see them growing so well here!

A baby oak; this one is Crimson Spire. When they planted it last month, it still held all its browned Autumn leaves tightly to it. The new leaves pushed them off as they budded out. I call the tree a "baby" oak, but it's already eight feet tall. *smile*

I leave you with the red, red rose. May your heart sing with loveliness this day!

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