Friday, April 25, 2008


I took a couple WIPs (Work In Progress) with me to Phoenix, but I didn't actually have a chance to work on them and brought them back the same as I took them. I did give my mother two of the tote bags. I had laughed pretty hard about my lil box bag--yanno, the one that matched the purple tote, but had no zipper?--because it was the PERFECT size for a roll of toilet paper. (Hey, I was on the bus--ya just never know on the bus...)

Anyhow, when I gave the totes to my mom, I said I was sure she would find some better use for that one than a roll of toilet paper... and she said, "I'm going on a church retreat and a roll of toilet paper is a VERY good idea!" So we laughed again.

I really, really do have to get some zippers! lol!

My trip home was marred by two things: the camera fell out of my purse into my brother's car, so I have to send him the money to mail it back to me; and I got food poisoning. It took me a week to really recover and there are some lingering symptoms but I am, at last, doing much better. It has slowed down my WIPs, though!

The one I have worked on a little this week is the purple woodpecker. He now has both wings; the second is partially attached. I am almost out of the floss I am using to whipstitch him together; funny how the skeins seem so hugely long when you start and yet run out anyway!

He is a weird bird, fully in keeping with his origins; beads are beginning to dangle from his wings and heavens to Betsy, one never knows what might happen next! Because yanno *oh, whisper it softly!* the embroiderer got bored. *sheepish grin* Hey, I wasn't using those beads for anything else, after all... lol!

I do want more tote bags but I think I might take a day or so to do some "real beading" and work on Gryph's amulet bag. I do that in peyote stitch and am missing it. Beading is my primary art/craft after drawing--not that I have drawn anything since last summer--really, I just need to get busy! I brought all my pencils and some drawing tablets home from Phoenix and now I need to DO something with them... beading, drawing, sewing, crocheting, and hey--'twas quilting started all this and I STILL haven't done any more of it than I had when I started this blog!

I have GOT to get busy!

Is this Spring, fueling my drive to create? Does it happen to everyone who lives where Spring is so pronounced?

Pictures will come after I get the woodpecker finished and you just never know... maybe I will figure out that chicken pattern after all, lol!


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  2. Ooops...sorry! This got deleted. Here goes again:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks especially for the tips on a thimble. Your hints were very helpful!

    Yikes! Size 14 hook and size 80 thread---didn't know they made such a thing! Now that is truly small.


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