Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nagged into a good deed...

Well, hello! How are you this midweek? Let me say hello on behalf of my VERY so impatient Curly Cockaded Purple Woodpecker, who has finally nagged me into doing that good deed I kept talking about. Curly cannot wait to get out the door. Here's our destination:

This is the backside of an abandoned house behind our apartment complex. You can see the neighbor's house, and the abandoned garage, but that beautiful tree insisting on nudging the abandoned house out of the way for a chance to be seen and admired. I guess that tree just has not been loved in so long that it wasn't about to miss a chance for it!

Here's the side of the house. The sad thing is, that fence was whole and undamaged at the end of January when we moved into our apartment, but once someone vandalized it, people started kicking it in more and more. *sigh*

I like this little house a lot. It has a sad history; a woman lived here and loved it until she died, and then her son inherited it. He already had his own house, so he rented it out.

The renters trashed it. *sigh* SO he kicked them out, fixed it up, and re-rented it... and they trashed it! SO he kicked them out, fixed it up, and re-rented it... and they trashed it! No, that isn't a typo; it really happened three times in a row. So now the house is vacant and evidently for sale at a reduced price. I wish I could buy it; my heart just goes out to it, and I want to take care of it....

Here is the meadowy back yard, full of Stars of Bethlehem and other flowers I have never seen before.

Well, it's time to... hmmm... Curly, what ARE you doing?? Ahhhh, yes.... someone's long-abandoned pink pony, a little the worse for wear.

Funny how this house accumulates other people's leftovers... there's a broken bentwood-and-caning rocking chair on the front porch that was originally in our trash. I have NO IDEA who pulled it out of the trash and carried it over there. It looks good, but one rocker is missing, and so it sits on the porch making it look like someone still loves and lives there... almost...

Yes, yes, Curly, you're right, time to stop musing and start working!

Goal: throw away some trash. It isn't a very big goal, I admit, but then I am still pretty sick.
Ahhhh, much better! But wait--where's Curly?!
Oh! You found something even worse!
Ahhhh, another little job done! Sorry I couldn't weed the area, too, but maybe another day? Curly's already gone on to show me something else.

Not much we can do about this, unfortunately; we'll never know what the bulbs were that were growing there when someone trampled them with these stolen carts. They are actually stolen, yanno? People don't think of it that way, but if you remove them from the store's property and make it impossible to get them back, then they're stolen.

Nothing like discovering your Curly Cockaded Purple Woodpecker is a creature of social conscience! *blink, blink* I had to promise Curly I would do my best to remember to tell the store manager where those carts are next time I go shopping, before he would finally let me go back inside!

And then, yanno, he insisted that I blog about him. Social conscience and a bit of... vanity, eh? Well, I suppose if I had such beautifully beaded wings I would be a little vain, too. *grin*

See you again after I feel a little better... next project is a leather bag (custom ordered) which is almost done, and then I will be back to working on Gryph's amulet bag. I tried one of those thrifty-crafty rescue projects today, headphones for my CD-player which needed a replacement earphone cover... and I jusssst happened to have a handy leftover t-shirt arm hanging around, so I put it up to the headphone, moved the cord out of the way, cut the fabric---------------AND the *other* cord. AAaaaaaaarggh!!!! Soooooo no more "creative" ideas until I am done with this respiratory infection and my brain is firing on all cylinders again, sheesh!

I feel like I'm taking my life in my hands just sewing leather and beads, lol.... *wink*

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  1. I was about to close the computer, when I got a message from your Curly Cockaded Purple Woodpecker...he said to ask you if you have some time to make me some of those little pillow like goddess shape dolls (for beadding) as a swap for one of my spirit dolls...your choice of course. Please email me at gristello at gmail.com


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