Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring garden post with pics!

Her Pinkness sprawls across the corner of two yards; this is only part of her glory. She is repeated from yard to yard to yard across the neighborhood. Someday I will find someone who knows her name.

Senetti is the unexpected star of this year's garden. She brings us butterflies of various kinds. Because the wind kept blowing her over, she ius tucked into a pot which currently contains two American elderberries. You can see one at the front of the pot.

This is the old metal shelf unit that I repurposed for a raised garden bed. It's filled with compost and sticks, lots and lots of sticks. The blackberries are Triple Crown and the strawberries are Ft Laramie. Various herbs share the space also, including garden sage, thyme, lemon mint, and parsley.

The cherry trees are in a bed which was layered with compost and leaves. The clay is as sticky and bricklike as they come, and so there is a layer of half-done compost on top. It's made a big difference. You can see that the onions and asparagus like it just fine. The bags in the background are what is left of the gift of leaves.

The Mock Orange smells so beautiful this year! I'm waiting for the day when it bursts into exuberant bloom like Her Pinkness did; should be tomorrow or the next day!

The Long View, lol... these are the various pots on the driveway, including my strawberries from last year, the red-veined sorrel, the lilac, and a new rose. Behind them are the trees--hard to see, I know--on the far right (in the southwest corner of the yard) is the apricot, then the peach (not leafed out), then the two plums toward the southeast.

This is the long raspberry bed in process. Gryph the Garden Builder did much of the work on this one. It started with a layer of sticks which was trampled down to six inches; after that came layer after layer of leaves and dirt (with lots more sticks mixed in) which we were gifted by a neighbor after a yard cleanup.

Just a few more bags of leaves and dirt to go...

The finished bed!


  1. Oh I am so glad to see your garden! I missed you. I love your little purple blue flowers and those raised beds are going to be fantastic when filled with plants and flowers. I hope all is well in your world and things are going well. -Venus007

  2. Oh there's your comment! Hi darlin! Things are going well, yes, thank you! Best of luck to you on everything!


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