Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eeep, two weeks!

I knew I was embarrassed about the rice sandwiches, but not THAT embarrassed... after all, I blogged about them!

Ah well, I was all done in by furniture moving and other things, including illness. I haven't done too much in the way of crafts during these two weeks, just added a little to the fringe on Gryph's bag and started a new doily.

Yes, I know, I said I wouldn't crochet for a while... but I got a dresser (YAAAAYYYY!) and so I unpacked a couple boxes and found my crochet booklets in one. The top one kept CALLING me... there is a doily on the cover that is so appealing I finally just had to start it in order to shut the book up! *lol* And oddly enough, I think it must have appealed this much to me when I bought the booklet, because after about four rounds I was thinking, "hmmmm, this seems so very familar..." and I suspect I have made it before... but (here's the reason for this blog again!) I don't still have anything I've crocheted, so yanno... I have no idea whether I have or have not made it before.

I'm using size 20 thread and that seems to be a little easier on my wrists and hands than size 30 has been. Pics will come in a couple days, when I am feeling better and when it has some size to it.

I've also been reading library books (mostly sewing-type crafts) and will review a couple of them soon. Tis time and almost past time to be thinking about holiday gifts....


  1. Cath - Hope you are feeling better. Can't wait to see your crochet. I find thread crochet so difficult.

  2. Ha. Phew -- good to know that I am not the only one that has her crochet books 'talking to her'! *grin*

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Cindy, Dawn}}}}}}}}}} Sheesh! Guess I wasn't so better as I thought... I'm kinda dragged out and haven't really got energy foir a post but maybe tomorrow...


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