Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's been that kind of day...

I went to clean the lint out of the sewing machine before I refilled the bobbin this afternoon and the hook fell out before I could see how it was placed. I could NOT get it back in there no matter WHAT I did—talk about frustrated!!--and finally, when I came back hours later, I noticed in the “how to install the bobbin” pics that the thing the hook rests on was in the wrong position. I turned the hand wheel until it looked like the picture, snapped everything back into place, and sewed... what a learning curve... or maybe it's just this day.

I finally got everything stay-stitched and now I have it ready for the laundromat tomorrow. The next step *she says anxiously* is to actually design the chair cover... oh wait, no it's not... the next step is to iron everything. I can do that! *vast relief*

Oh, this day... I am bummed about baking at the moment... I made us some date bars last night, used the last of my walnuts and the last of my dates and a good chunk of my dried cranberries. They were great but the middle wasn't quite done, so I put them in the oven for ten minutes this afternoon so Gryph could take them to work.

Two hours later when I came home from the grocery store....... yep, I had forgotten ALL about them. They were charred clear through. *sigh*

I think maybe I will go bury my nose in a book and let this day end peacefully.


  1. *huggles*
    Thinkin' of you, Catie love.
    I am sorry you made charcoal.

  2. {{{{{{{{{{{{Ursy}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Thanks doll! Mostly I regretted the loss of the dates... so last night I bought more. *wink*


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