Sunday, August 12, 2012

I made a.....

*walks in, chortling softly* I'm makin' something, I'm makin' something!! I'm makin' a ... a... *walks around it, taking a careful look* um, is it supposed to... *doubtful look* really, I thought it might be more... well, um, more.... but hey! I'm makin'... um... a Make! Yes that's right, I'm makin' a Make. A Real Make.

It's a kind of a laminated Make, upcycled. Yes, an upcycled laminated Make.

*takes another careful look* Tis a useful sort of upcycled laminated Make. *nods* Oh not so useful as a Chocolate Chip Cookie Make, or a Walnut Brownie Make; I freely admit this! It could not possibly be so useful. Doesn't smell near so good and the waiting time is rather unnerving. But all the same *nods again* I am making A Really Useful Upcycled Laminated Make.

Here are the ingredients: 3 used shipping boxes, each cut in two; two bottles of school glue; some masking tape; a bunch of old catalogs. Eventually I will need some spray sealer and probably some screws. Then I'll have to decide if this Make gets painted, or left as is.

I believe this laminating process could be called papier decoumapage, or possibly papier decoumache (ummm, decoumapage will be just fine, thank you). It's pretty messy and I had to wash my hands twice when I was done BUT when a person is makin' A Really Useful Upcycled Decoumapagely Laminated Make she has to sacrifice just a little for the cause. *nods*

It started out rather annoyingly; we kicked the boxes around in the hallway for a while before I figured out what I wanted to make. Gryph was less than pleased but, I admit, I was stubborn. And I used a lotta masking tape figuring it out, so then I had no choice. I had to make a Make once I used up the masking tape.

You can see that the boxes needed a little work before I decoumapaged them. They sort of needed a little work while I decoumapaged them, too.

The decoumapaging has been done: front, back, inside, upside down, one layer. It is no longer a buncha boxes to be tripped over. It is a Make, a Real Sturdy Make. Can you imagine finding something so really very useful in nothing but discards?

It's a versatile kind of A Really So Very Useful Sturdy Upcycled Decoumapagely Laminated Make. It could go sideways.

Or not. Probably not, because A Versatile Kind Of A Really So Very Useful Sturdy Upcycled Decoumapagely Laminated Make will fit best on the wall if it is vertical. Maybe it will live on the kitchen countertop. And yanno, right now for some reason I am seriously inclined to fill it with Tupperware.

*wanders out singing "I made a Make, I made a Make, a REAL Make, I made a MAKE!*


  1. Cath...I love your "sturdy upcycled decoumapagely laminated make"! Not only is it unique and useful...but also interesting to pronounce. ;)
    * tries saying it fast and ends up speaking gibberish*
    I also enjoy your are full of wit and make your readers chuckle! You must make more "makes" and share them here with us.
    Blissful tidings...

  2. Thank you very much, Sandra! :D


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