Saturday, April 18, 2009

I got asked for a wish list...

I got asked for a wish list.... it's HUGE but here is a start. None of these things have to be new, especially the furniture. Our favorite pieces are the ones we've rescued right before they hit the trash, anyhow... yanno, solid wood and just needed cleaned.
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

We need a washer and dryer.

We need a new kitchen faucet, or repair parts for the old one.

Gryph needs a bigger pipe wrench!

We need smoke detectors.

We need a spool of trimmer string for our Weed Eater (Electra Lite 9)... and who knew that would be hard to find?!

We need garden tools, everything from "diggers" to "rakers" to "cutters" lol.

We need a snow shovel.

We need a storage shed for our lawnmower (which is coming none-too-soon, oh my word, the weeds are growing fast!!); a plastic knock-together one would do, just some way to shelter the mower from the weather (and from greedy eyes).

We need a heavy-duty 100-foot outdoor extension cord for the lawnmower and for power tools.

We need fencing for the back yard--one stretch across the back of the property, and two gates at the sides of the house--so that the doglet can run free and strangers will stop cutting through the property.

We need a wet-dry shop vacuum.

We need floor wax for the wood floors. We considered polyurethane, but the manager keeps refinishing various apartment floors in the building with it and I get sicker from the fumes every time, so wax seems like a much better idea. It fits the 1920s era of the home better anyhow.

We need a bed for the guest room--at least queen sized--and linens for it.

We need a dresser for the guest room and a dresser for Gryph. He's been using a Rubbermaid storage cabinet as a dresser long enough... and then I can put that storage cabinet in the mudroom for garden and household supplies.

We need new sheet vinyl for the kitchen and mudroom.

We need a sander--borrowed or bought, either one--to sand the porch railings front and back.

We need handrails for the basement steps, the upstairs steps, and the back porch.

We need curtains and curtain rods for the windows--most of the windows are 42 to 45 inches across; some are 36 inches.

We need six drawer pulls for the built-in linen cabinet; you can still see that once it had the bin-type pulls on it.

We need shelf paper or better yet permanent liner for the linen cabinet drawers and for all the kitchen cabinets and drawers.

We need a Webster for dusting, because I truly cannot reach the tops of the windows, let alone the high corners of the rooms.

We need ladders that are rated for big people, metal step ladders and extension ladders.

We need a big tub and potting soil for the seed taters, which as of yesterday have split the bag open because their sproutage WILL not be denied.

We want a bigger toolbox for Gryph's tools.

We want a freezer, a clothesline, and a compost bin.

We want a bread machine, a toaster, a food dehydrator, and a blender.

We want a couch or loveseat.... or eventually, both!

We want a better computer desk.

We want a file cabinet.

We want more and better bookshelves. (I drool over glass-front shelves and cabinets---no cats can get in to knock things down! You would not believe how often our books hit the floor.)

We want a china cabinet--again, glass-fronted, and for the same reason! (At least books don't break when they hot the floor... eeek...)

We want a bigger dining room table with chairs (our small table only seats four and we want to put it on the front porch along with the patio chairs we've been using in the apartment).

Eventually, we want all new kitchen cabinets and appliances. I think that might be pretty far down the road though.

Our colors are all Autumn colors; our white is soft white or oyster white. Our style is definitely vintage/antique.... "Our Beauty" is a 1952 Singer sewing machine in a lovely small drop leaf cabinet with turned legs, and she will have pride of place in That House right next to a 1930s era chair Our Friend of the Floors *lol* gave us.

The only real stylistic difference Gryph and I have is that I am very much the romantic florals type person, and he is um... well... very much NOT. (Someone once gave him a floral dishtowel and it eventually ended up under the coffee pot to catch drips, the floral parts conveniently hidden from his aching eyes, lol.) So we've decided instead of flowers, we will decorate with a natural theme, seashells, feathers, stones, leather, wood, plants, animals, northwoods designs... sort of a country-lodge-in-the-city look. (Luckily, I absolutely love plaids, lol.)

It fits because the driving ideals of the Craftsman Era were to bring nature indoors, to use natural building materials, and to emphasize the handmade. It also fits because of his Native American heritage and because of our Paganism, a win-win situation all the way around, yanno?

We really couldn't have found a better house for us, even though she's falling apart, than our lovely little 1920 Craftsman Bungalow.


  1. Hey Bit.

    A few ideas to help you with finding the things you need: freecycle. Do a search for them and see if anyone is giving away what you need.

    Also, I've become a member of Frugal Village which has great ideas on how to save and be frugal.

  2. Oh how I wish that you lived closer. I have so many of those things for you :( Good luck in getting your wishes. I'm a true believer that if you put it out there it will come true.


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