Monday, February 23, 2009


That House is still my major obsession... I have learned so much about how to buy real estate without a bank!

The owner refused to accept less than we had offered him, so the neighbor adjusted the amount of the loan she was asking for. I don't know yet whether she was approved or not but this morning she is seeing a lawyer about drawing up all the legal and financial papers. If she gets approved, we will start the title search--my fear is that there are old liens on the place--and then we go from there.

The rollercoaster has been pretty hard because I swing so wildly between "we're going to get it" and "we aren't going to get it." We keep hitting obstacles and it has me discouraged but I guess I am the only one who feels any kind of pessimism... then again, I am the only one who has so much invested in That House (emotionally, I mean) right now. Everyone else seems to be okay doing the "wait and see" routine. Me, I am planning everything from how best to refinish the floors to what color I want "my kitchen" and where to put "my vegetable garden."

This is really hard for me and I am worn out. It didn't help any that I have been sick with a cold for over a week. Yanno that old saw about a cold lasts seven days if you treat the symptoms, and a week if you don't? This cold has already dragged on for nine days and so I am a little concerned about whether I am getting a secondary infection. I'm pretty sure that part of my pessimism about whether we'll get that house is due to being at low ebb from the virus.

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  1. Ohh my Goddess...congratulations...I am delighted for you ...wonderful , wonderful news!!!


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