Monday, January 5, 2009

I've been bad...

Sheesh... I've been forgetting to take pictures.... the whole reason this blog was started was to document what I make, lol, and here I have been making things and forgetting the camera. *eyeroll at self* I took the gingerbread boys back from The Flying Pig, replaced them with beaded feathers. Dang, I had so much fun making the beaded dangles for the feathers that I wondered if it could possibly be legal, lol!

I will try to be good and take pics of the next batch, which are already painted. If I like the looks of them--they always look different the day after, because the paint cures overnight and often gets muted--then I will bead them right away, but if not, then I will paint them some more and bead them tomorrow.

Hey, I discovered that boxes other people's holiday gifts come in make mighty handy craft caddies--cleaned off part of my friend's front porch, lol. She had all sizes and my fav was a box from a digital camera; it was long and not too tall, and made easily into two matching caddies. You shoulda seen me with all my gears turning, trying to figure out how to make one set of cuts and get two identical caddies, lol...

This is not recycling, btw... this is "upcycling." Recycling is making something into the same thing it was originally; upcycling is adding value by making it into something new and different. Certainly I think free craft caddies are pretty valuable! I may tame some of this clutter yet! *grin*


  1. I think if it ever happens dear, it will go down in the annals of history. LOL

  2. Hrumph!!

    Well, okay, maybe a clutter-free me IS a lil much to ask, lol....

    Now I am dreaming of That House again, and an extra bedroom we can turn into a Useful Cupboard, lol.... If I make big enough caddies with handles, I could put the supplies for an entire project in one and carry it back to the Useful Room at bedtime each night.

    Dunno that I actually WOULD, but I could yanno... I could! *cheeky grin*


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